MMC Multiplex

MMC: The Next Generation Multiplex Electrical System

Delivering More Value With Our Latest Technology

Standard in every Crestline CCL 150, the Multiplex Modular Connected (MMC) electrical system is designed to boost performance and provide your emergency response team with reliable technology to elevate response and rescue.

The MMC has been modernized with more standard features and enhancements for the end user. The efficient new interface offers instant access to critical components, enabling first responders greater control of their work environment.

The MMC includes more safety features, such as new emergency and working light modes, to enhance patient care. In addition, the structural system is designed with decentralized architecture, which provides additional benefits of optimized payload and reduced energy consumption.

The MMC Multiplex At A Glance

Advanced Emergency Lighting Features

Emergency Flash Lights: Smooth Pattern

EMS providers can work safely at the emergency site by deploying the new smooth pattern lights. The smooth pattern gently diminishes the light intensity of emergency flashes when in park mode. 

The primary/secondary lights are designed to reduce vision impairment for passersby while effectively drawing attention to the scene.

Emergency Flash Lights: Day/Night Mode

Enhance overall road safety and reduce eye fatigue with day/night mode. Your crew can adjust the brightness of the emergency lighting depending on the surrounding lighting levels. This advanced system detects and adjusts emergency light intensity based on the ambulance environment. 

Whether daytime, nighttime, or driving through a tunnel, first responders can drive confidently, knowing that the ambulance will effectively draw attention without causing glare to other drivers.

Modernized Ambulance Controls

LCD Touchscreens For Critical Control

Equipped with 4.3″ panel controls in the front cab and the
care module, first responders have instant access to critical components and features to optimize patient care.

Highly responsive touchscreens provide visual and audio feedback and will ensure your crew is always in control.

24/7 Electrical Diagnostics With Free Bluetooth App

Quickly access vehicle data and reduce downtime by deploying our new Bluetooth App (Vision Plex Mobile). The only tool required is a cell phone.

Using the free app, you can immediately tap into our Customer Care Service Center to troubleshoot your ambulance! Our dedicated technicians are standing by, ready to assist promptly.

Battery Protection to Conserve Power

Low-Power Sleep Mode

Thanks to the efficient low-consumption sleep mode, your ambulance remains primed for immediate deployment even after extended storage periods.

The low-power sleep mode enables longer unplugged storage, reducing battery draining. Peace of mind is possible, knowing your CCL 150 ambulance is ready for action anytime!

Proven Technology

Powered by PRAN Systems

The MMC Multiplex is an innovative advancement built upon the trusted PRAN multiplexing systems, which have been integrated into nearly five hundred Crestline CCL 150 ambulances over the past five years. Proving reliability, the next generation of multiplex helps EMS services maximize ambulance availability and reduce maintenance costs.

This latest technology delivers upon our unwavering promise – for Crestline CCL 150 ambulances to always deliver value and maintain its commitment to safety and durability, all at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. MMC is the new standard in all Crestline CCL 150 ambulances and is available now.

Yes. The MMC Multiplex touchscreens have been developed for EMS application. They are sensitive enough to function with two layers of gloves.

In the cab, the primary and secondary light switch controls remain available.

In the module, the exhaust fan, suction, ceiling lights, and lighting brightness controls remain available.

The standard package includes two screens. One is located in the front cab on the driver console and another is located in the back in the module.

The MMC digital touchscreen allows greater flexibility. Functionalities can be added through the AUX menu by a software update, expanding the system’s capabilities to suit your needs.

In addition to the usual functionalities, the module panel features additional controls such as:

  • Built-in clock
  • Display brightness control
  • Repetitive timer alarm (stopwatch)
  • Error log display
  • Intention lights
  • Transmission indicators

The MMC allows flexibility to add optional features directly integrated into the AUX menu.

The rear clock is now integrated into the MMC screen in the module. The first responder can easily track time while maintaining focus on the patient.

The VisionPlex Mobile application is available for free on your preferred app store:

Updating the MMC Multiplex system is now a breeze. Simply connect your laptop to the MMC via a standard USB port and reach out to Customer Care. They’ll efficiently update the system remotely, ensuring a quick and seamless process.